Chisholm United FC is incredibly grateful to the following sponsors for their support. If you are interested in supporting our club, please email chisholmunited@gmail.com

Catering for the Greek community of Melbourne, Rythmos diverse we programming seeks to educate, inspire and entertain their 500,000 strong Greek community, as well as reporting news and events in a non-biased non-political and informative way.

Chemist Warehouse is Australia’s largest and most trusted pharmacy retailer offering discounted prices for pharmaceutical goods and at the forefront of online pharmacy. A very special thanks to Chemist Warehouse Oakleigh store for their ongoing support.

Metromilk is a family owned distribution company that has specialized in milk and food services for more than 15 years. They strive to source the best possible products in the market for your buiness.

Navarone Transport is a specialist trucking company equipped to handle heavy loads and unique oversized objects. Moving overweight machinery, industrial pipes, construction spans, road building components, boats or vehicles Navarone is your first point of call.

Vida Carpentry

Vida Carpentry can assist you in the construction of your decking, pergolas, interior fixing, flooring, maintenance and fencing needs.